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Chimney Sweeping

I sweep chimneys using modern rotary power equipment which removes more soot than traditional methods.


I fully seal the appliance before starting the sweep insuring your home stays safe and clean. I perform a smoke test after every sweep to check the draw and safety of the appliance. I can also check the quality of fuel that is being used and offer advice. 

I am also able to CCTV Inspection to discover any blockages or obstructions. 

On completion I will present you with a fully approved insurance certificate. It is essential, and usually a requirement of your insurance company, that your chimney is swept regularly, at least once a year, depending on the type of fuel.

Bird Nest Removal

Birds nests can cause a fire risk within a chimney so its important these are removed before its used. I can remove these outside of nesting season (March-August) After removal I can install an anti bird cowl to stop future nests.

I can also install Bird Guards and Cowls if required.


  • Chimney Sweep for a small to medium open fire, stove or wood burner - £70

  • Chimney Sweep for a large open fire or inglenook - £130

  • Carbon monoxide detector - £25

  • Bird nest removal - £90

  • Rope seal replacement - £30

  • Bird guards/cowls Installation - From £150


  • Multiple chimneys in same home receive 25% discount on additional chimneys

  • Multiple chimneys booked on same road receive £10 discount for each chimney

  • Multiple chimneys booked within 1 mile of each other receive £5 discount for each chimney

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